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15/03/2016 Main

Hey folks! Hope you are all doing well! Read more

Segway x2 SE

14/01/2016 Main

Help with buying DJ Turntables

08/12/2015 Main

Help with buying DJ Turntables Read more

All-in-one Universal AC Travel Adapter

01/12/2015 Main

All-in-one Universal AC Travel Adapter Read more

iPhone 5

27/11/2015 Main

iPhone 5 Read more

Portable USB Chargers

26/11/2015 Main

Working in the mobile industry people ask me about the fact that phones get better every year but the batteries always seem to last the same amount of time, if not worse. It’s a part of life now that you have to charge your phone every evening, and if you don’t then it is a nightmare when you realise the next morning ready for your long commute to work. That is why USB portable chargers are a god-send and fortunately they are getting much better to compensate for those poor smartphone batteries. Read more

Huawei Mate 8

15/11/2015 Main

Ok so as I work in the mobile phone industry it seems fitting to start my blog talking about a company that has been making strides recently as part of the budget smartphone movement; Huawei. A Chinese company that makes affordable smartphones but still with great technology and value for money. Read more



08/11/2015 Main

First of all hello. I am new to blog writing and not sure how to start! I have read some stuff online about an introduction, so here it is, my introduction. A bit about me? Well I am Will and I live and work in Los Angeles as tech support for a mobile phone company. My blog will be about electronics and technology and stuff related to that. Come inside!